Brett Quinion – Head Football Coach Avon

Brett Quinion speaks to Leadership Council

(article courtesy of Bob Montgomery, Bristol Press)

BrettDaveLC08Brett Quinion, former Bristol businessman turned head football coach at Avon

High School was the keynote speaker at Nuchie’s on Tuesday as part of the Bristol Sports Hall of Fame’s Leadership Council Breakfast, a gathering of team captains from Bristol’s three high schools and Hall of Fame officers and directors.

The event was MC’d by Bristol attorney Mark Ziogas, a Hall of Fame director.

Ziogas told those in the audience the get-together, a three times a year event, is “to help you become better leaders, not only on the ball field but in the community.”

And with them being team leaders, he added, “Never underestimate the impact you have on the underclassmen.”

Quinion, a commodities trader, told the athletes of three points to take note of: to help others around them to succeed; to go through life with grace: and then he asked them, “How do you want to be remembered?”

In explaining “grace,” he told the athletes to write the word on a piece of paper and to keep it in their pocket.

“When you get stressed,” he said, “you’ll feel your hand on the crinkled paper in your pocket. Remember the bigger picture.”

Following the talk, a group discussion was held at each of the tables and a member of each was asked to comment on coach Quinion’s presentation as a representative of his or her group.

Table No. 1, with Central’s Kim Barwis, Kevin Ceglarski and Will Eschner, Eastern’s Molly Hintz and Ben Root, and St. Paul’s Kristen Lamontagne, Alannah O’Hagan and Thomlynne Healy, was represented by the later in presenting that table’s comments.

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