Jay Calnan – CEO of J. Calnan & Associates

Jay Calnan Speaks to the Leadership Council

LSCdec09CalnanMills2Jay’s message was tying the lessons he learned growing up in Bristol in the areas of hard work, Integrity, and teamwork to his college experience at Tufts and then on to his business career. Jay has built a very successful business, Jay Calnan and associates, which you can “Google” to get some information about.

Jay showed the students how to take the lessons from athletics, generosity of the community and use hard work, integrity, and teamwork to become successful. His next message was to give back as much as you can. The Bristol  Rotary Club scholarship enabled Jay to attend Tufts. He remembers how much of a difference it made in his life. Once again, if you go to his bio, you will find all the charities and causes he supports.

One of the causes he featured was “Friends of Jaclyn”, Google it and you will be amazed at what they have done.

Finally, the essence of Jays message was “be proud of being from Bristol. The diversity of the population, the rigors of the academics, the lessons and skills of athletics, football in particular, support of the community and caring people in his life helped formulate the values he uses today.

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