Matt Smith – CEO of Yarde Metals

Matt Smith Speaks on Preparation for the Unknown

Bristol Sports Hall of Fame Director and Event Coordinator Mark Ziogas with our speaker Matt Smith.

Matt Smith, President and Chief Operating Officer of Yarde Metals, spoke at the BSHOF Spring Leadership Breakfast and addressed the importance of being prepared.

When Storm Ella hit Connecticut, Yarde Metals had a roof collapse due to the weight of the snow. No one was injured but the damage was done and production was brought to a stand still. No one could have foreseen this roof collapse, but there were emergency plans ready to go.

“Rely on your team and the emergency plans that are in place. As a leader, do not ask your team to do anything that you would not do” Matt said. Matt was the first person on the roof to assess the severe damage. Yarde metals was up and running within 2 weeks of the collapse.

Matt stressed the importance of trusting your team to work together, trusting your preparation, communication with others to assess the immediate needs and establishing relationships for support.

The Bristol Sports Hall of Fame initiated a leadership program in 2004 to expose athletic team leaders and captains at Bristol Central, Bristol Eastern and St. Paul High Schools to positive successful leadership messages such as given by Mr. Smith.

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