Mark Ziogas – BSHOF Director

Bristol Sports Hall of Fame Leadership Council held at Nuchie’s Restaurant

December 3, 2013 Bristol – Reported by Pat Parente

BSHOF Director and Event Coordinator Mark Ziogas welcomes the captains from Bristol Central, Bristol Eastern and St. Paul Catholic High School.

Sixty six Team Leaders and Captains from St. Paul’s, Bristol Eastern and Bristol Central High Schools met on December 3 at Nuchie’s Restaurant for the 2nd BSHOF Leadership Breakfast for the 2013-14 season.

Each team Captain summarized their season and were asked to state any problems that arose and how as a team leader it was resolved. Cutting practice, tardiness to practice, not enough playing time, being over critical of other players and not having enough players on teams were major issues.

Each of these issues were discussed. As team leaders, Captains were asked how they would resolve these problems. It was determined that as leaders they needed to Instruct and Encourage team members. Instruct teammates of team rules and their penalties. Encourage them to give there best everyday to make the team better.

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