Hank Lodge Honored by Forestville Little League


Forestville Little League Honors Hank Lodge

Little league couldn’t run a day without all the adult volunteers who are dedicated to its success. Without volunteers, there is no little league! And you can ask Hank Lodge, Forestville Little League’s Volunteer of the Year, just how much of an impact one volunteer and their Heart can have on the entire organization. All you have to do is take a trip down to Daly Drive in Forestville to catch a glimpse of the league’s new T-Ball and Instructional Baseball field being developed, and imagine all of the young kids who will discover their love for playing ball on that new field this upcoming season. You can thank Hank Lodge for all of that. That’s exactly what the Forestville Little League had in mind when they honored Lodge as their Volunteer of the Year this past November. After all, Hank did put a great deal of time and Heart towards the success of this project when he helped raise $40,000 on its behalf.

Its important to note that the award Hank received is only one of the positive outcomes of his dedication and selflessness. As Steve Joslyn, project manager for Forestville Little League, puts it: “While the award is a special merit, the lasting impressions he made on all of us within the Forestville Little League community will live on forever with the green grass and clay infield that is now present for hundreds of kids to make a lasting memory of their own for many generations to come. Forestville Little League could not have created this opportunity without Hank’s drive, determination and uncanny ability to seek financial assistance from our very special friends, neighbors, businesses and family within the Bristol community.” This spring, so many young ball players in Bristol will benefit from Mr. Lodge’s tireless efforts to bring them a beautiful new field to play on. Its precisely why Hank Lodge received the Volunteer of the Year award from the Forestville Little League. This spirit of selflessness is what drives our city to grow and progress every day, and which sets such a wonderful example for our young people to live by. We’d like to thank Mr. Lodge for his dedication to making Bristol a better place.

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