Jude Kelly speaks during the Bristol Hall of Fame Leadership Breakfast.


The Bristol Sports Hall of Fame (BSHOF) held its Leadership Breakfast on Tuesday morning at Nuchie’s Restaurant in Bristol.

It’s a program where soon-to-be or current team leaders from Bristol’s three high schools learn what it takes to be a leader. This was the third and last get-together for the current leadership council members. A new group will start its first class in the spring.

Dave Mills, former president of the BSHOF, acted as emcee for the event, one in which the keynote speaker was Jude Kelly, head football coach at St. Paul Catholic High School. Kelly has been teaching in the classroom and coaching football for 43 years and shared his knowledge of being an effective leader.

“The best learning experience in education is to learn from your mistakes,” Kelly said. “Sports is an education, because it teaches it.”

He also added that being a leader is hard, especially in today’s society, but he defined leadership in eight words: “Leadership is helping others to make good decisions.”

The athletes who attended the breakfast were:

Bristol Central — Thomas Nelligan, Ashley Cummings, Hannah Marcel, Angelina Hamm, Cameron Reed and Emily McAllister;

Bristol Eastern — Ridhwan Abdulsalam, Alex Rollins, Dayton Harrison, Anthony Lozier, Mikayla Lewandoski, Vanessa Floyd, J. Wyatt Doyon, Chris LeBeau, Jillian LeBeau, Jaime Mitchell, Emily Stadnicki, Diana Wnuk, Jake Violette, Hannah Langlais, Jess Kenney, Tejal Monteiro, Jillian Maghini, Lauren Rodney, Mike Massarelli, Gian Costantiello and Zach Marquis;

St. Paul — Zachary Parent, Chandler Wright, Alexa Morneault, Bianca DiLernia, Morgan Middleton, Thomas Kretsch, Melissa Gurzenda, Alyssa Daly, Thomas Houle, Brigid Johndrow, Jordan Silva, Pierce Piana, Erika Malczynski, Wesley Lahey, Alessandra Milardo, Evan Kulig, Amelia Sanchez, Natasha Kempes, Eric Passeck and Anne Sullivan.

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