John Couture Speaks at Leadership Breakfast

The Bristol Sports Hall of Fame Leadership Council was fortunate to have former Bristol resident John Couture speak at our most recent Leadership Breakfast April 26, 2024.  More than 60 student leaders from Bristol Central, Bristol Eastern and St Paul’s  attended the event.  John, a graduate of Amherst College with a Master in Psychology from Towson University,  is certified by the American Board of Sport Psychology, and has worked with athletes from all the major sports leagues to help them improve their preparation, competitive performance and their overall satisfaction of their athletic careers.  John is also a member of the Class of 2013 BSHOF.

John sport about the effect of mental health issues affecting many of today’s athletes, much of it stemming from the intense pressure to succeed.  John talked to the students about not only being aware of their own mental health but to also be cognizant of signs that teammates t they may be suffering from mental health issues, and what can be done  to get them help.  John emphasized that sometimes you need to take some time away from sports, if you feel the need to refresh.  Its okay to do some other non-sports related activity and just have fun once in a while. Don’t be afraid to tell your parents you need a break.  It was an important message for the students to hear and it was well received by them.  We were grateful to have a person with John’s expertise and credentials donate his time and energy to speak to our group of future leaders.  Although John has been away from Bristol for many years, he has never forgotten his roots and the opportunities that Bristol provided him growing up, and he was more than willing to give back to our community.  The Hall of Fame is lucky to have individuals like John come back and talk to our future leaders, and we certainly appreciate his efforts.

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