Domenic ‘Berdie’ Monico

Induction Class Of 2010

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Domenic “Berdie” Monico has been acknowledged as the star tackle of the legendary West End Football Club.

The team was comprised of former college stars recruited throughout Connecticut, and Bristol’s No. 14, who played between 1929 and 1939, more than held his own on the line of scrimmage.  He was 16 years old without any prior experience when he joined the team.  The West End’s played the best teams around before the days of the NFL and he was referred to as “the big fella” by team manager Henry Brophy.  He was known to rule the field for 60 minutes while playing the entire game.

In 1937 his skills on the gridiron were acknowledged by his selection as honorary right tackle of the All-East Football Team and in 1939 was a founding member of the Connecticut Professional Football League.

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