John Fortunato

Induction Class Of 2012

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In 1996, while working for the Bristol Chamber of Commerce, John Fortunato became aware that although Bristol was a city deep in sports history, it had very little of its athletic past recorded for future

Together with Bob Montgomery, Bristol’s city historian, they decided “to do it” and formed the Bristol Sports Hall of Fame to honor the city’s athletes, benefactors, teams and clubs. A board of directors was formed and a vision statement was established, “To permanently honor, document and preserve the distinct contributions and achievements of Bristol’s sports heritage.”

It was John Fortunato who was the heart and soul of the effort get the organization off the ground and to help guide it to where it is today. He served as the organization’s first vice-president and has continued his involvement as a director and member of various committees.

He was selected by the Bristol Tramps to receive the 2010 Chuck McCarthy award for his commitment to preserving the sports heritage of the city of Bristol.

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