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Induction Class Of 2008

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During the 1930s, Julie Larese and friends played basketball at the Bristol Boys Club. These were post-Depression days and many were unable to provide themselves uniforms and those who did, wore ones patched up.

The players later joined with Ed Lodovico’s Red Hawks. To name this new combine, the name “Bums” was bought up but they decided to call themselves, “The Tramps,” the word for a more “glorified bum.” Ed managed and Julie was player/coach. The team grew to semi-pro play in the mid-1940s.

The team combined Bristol’s finest with college players from elsewhere and it was felt the Tramps could hold their own with some early NBA teams.

The Tramps also formed a softball team in the mid-1940s.

In 1970, two decades after the Tramps last competed, Ray “Harp” Broderick, a former Tramps player, came up with the idea to promote a sports testimonial in Bristol. The event was so successful; it was made into an annual gathering of Bristol athletes past and was named “The Bristol Sports Reunion.”

The motto of the Tramps is to “honor those who have made contributions to Bristol sports.”

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