Avalanche enter city series undefeated – June 12, 2015

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Avalanche enter city series undefeated – June 12, 2015 By MICHAEL LETENDRE – Staff Writer Bristol Observer.

The Bristol Girls Little League Softball City Series is underway this week and the Bristol Avalanche was one of the teams competing in the early – ad exciting – competition.

Head coach Bob Sirois reported that the Avalanche came in undefeated into the city series play with eight wins, no losses and three ties.

“At one of our recent games our pitcher, Jenna Winters, struck out 10 batters,” said Sirois of his outstanding chucker.

Sirois has a squad that can put the ball into play – generating several home runs over the campaign as well.

“Thus far this season we’ve had five home runs,” said Sirois.

That home run tally was generated by Riley Giblin (2), Winters (1), Sophia Bouchard (1) and Lily Gibson (1).

But the squad has been just as proficient on both sides of the ball.

“Our team has been making some solid defensive plays in the infield and outfield keeping many of our opposing teams to just a few runs scored,” said Sirois “

Of our 10 games we’ve scored 113 runs thus far and we’ve had 58 runs scored against us.

With the regular season put in the books this past weekend, the Avalanche turned their collective attention to the annual City Series which should be a very competitive competition between all the squads involved.

Here is a quick look at the Avalanche outstanding roster.

Alexia Antonio – Short Stop

Sophia Bouchard – Second Base, Catcher

Ashlyn Brunet – Third Base

Kayleigh Dione – Outfield, Second Base

Megan Gaudreau – Outfield, Second Base, Catcher

Riley Giblin – Catcher, 1st Base

Lily Gibson – Outfield, Third Base

Brianna Piantek – Outfield

Sabrina Richard – Outfield

Samantha Ruffino – Outfield

Madison Sirois – Outfield, Second Base

Kayla St. Onge 1st Base, Catcher

Meredith Valley – Outfield, Second Base

Jenna Winters – Pitcher. .

Darrell Darby announced the Bristol Girls Little League Softball Board recently voted to have the Bristol Girls Little League Softball Series in June instead of in August has been traditionally done.