Bristol High School

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Established 1890 and closed in 1960 when Bristol Central & Bristol Eastern were built.  As of 2021, this building was taken over by the Bristol Historical Society and is in the midst of remodeling. This building served as the home for the freshmen of Bristol High School.

Students, other than freshman, attended Bristol High School which later became Memorial Boulevard shown below.

1927 Boys Basketball

1928 Boys Basketball

1929 Boys Basketball

Back row L to R:  Gus Karwoski, Russ Goodrich and Ben Allaire.

Bottom row L-to R:  Chet Roberts, Coach Tom Monahan and Ed White.

1933 Boys Basketball

1934 Boys Basketball

1935 Boys Outdoor Track

What follows below are Bristol High School teams that did not win State Championships.

1917 Football Team

BHS 1917 (in front of T. H. Patterson School)

From Left to Right: First Thomas Monahan, Second Bill Riley, Third Gus Greene, Sixth Seymour R. Peck, Seventh Gales P. Moore, Eighth Les Woodford, Thirteenth Paul Allaire and Eighteenth Ed J. Quinlan.  These were the only names on this picture.

1918 –  The only BHS football team to beat Suffield

1919 Football Team

1920 Track Team

1920-21 boys Basketball

1921 Track Team

1921 football Team

1922 Football Team

1923 Baseball Team

1923 Football Team

1924 Track Team

1924 Baseball Team

1925 Football Team

1927 Baseball Team

1927 Football Team

1928 Football Team

1928 Baseball Team

1933-34 Basketball Team

1945 Baseball Team

1952 Baseball Team

1953 Baseball Team

1954-55 Basketball Team