1995 Crown Oil Bristol Men’s over 35 Slo-Pitch Softball Champs and 1995 ASA State Softball Champs:

1st row: Gerry Beaudoin, Larry MacDonnell, John Timm, Paul Fanelli, Brian Stranieri, Mike Beausoin, Mike Bakaysa.

2nd row: Roger Watson, Bill Whitman, Lee Dibble, Byron Pierce, Mike Bussette and Dave Albert.

3rd row: Ed Swicklas, Bob Tabacco, Mike Defeo, Skip Klepps, Dan Benius.

1996 Crown Oil  Bristol SLO-Pitch over 35 softball regular season and playoff champs.

On floor: Bill Whitman

Sitting: Mike Bakaysa, Mike Bussett, Pete Losey, Roger Watson.

Kneeeling: Gerry Beaudoin, Byron Pierce, Brian Stranieri, John Timm, Mo Losey, Paul Fanelli.

Standing: Ed Swicklas, Skipp Klepps, Spec Monico. Larry MacDonnell.

1996 Crown Oil ASA National Team.

1st row: Roger Watson, Mike Bussett, Dave Albert, Bill Whitman, Brian Stranieri, Larry MacDonnell, byron Pierce, Spec Monino, Mo Losey.

2nd row: Mike Bakaysa, Bob Tabacco, Ed Swicklas, Dan Benusis, Gerry Beaudoin, John Timm.

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1998 Crown Oil Bristol Men’s Over 35 Softball Regular Season Champs.

1999 Crown Oil CASA Men’s Over 35 State Softball Runner Up.

2001 Crown Oil Bristol Men’s Over 35 Softball Playoff Champs.