Eastern Regional Little League Training Center

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Disclaimer: Before we begin this journey, we offer our apologies, because it is not possible to remember every detail and/or person that contributed to this great effort. The citizens of Bristol made this tournament a reality.

In 1987, several members of the Bristol community came together to bring this tournament to our city. Ben Perron, Bob Watson, Bob Fiondella, Dennis Malone, Dick LaMothe, Ralph Papazian, Lenny Valentino,and then Mayor, John Leone approached the head of Little League, Dr. Creighton J. Hale and sold him the idea that the City of Bristol had both the willingness and the fortitude to make this tournament a success.

Edgewood Little League (fields) and the Edgewood School (housing) facilitated the tournament for the first 5 years. Little League teams from Maine to Maryland arrived in Bristol in July of 1987 to compete for the right to represent the Eastern portion of the United States at the Little League Championship series which is held annually in Williamsport, Pennsylvania.

The tournament logistics are varied and numerous and were handled without hesitation by the multitudes of volunteers. To oversee the daily and nightly activities of all these teams the job description of Aunt & Uncles came into being. Each team was watched over (literally) for their entire stay in Bristol. Many volunteers also manned the school to provide around the clock security, while others provided the daily meals. Shuttle service was provided to St. Paul High School for daily showers. Teams were chaperoned on their trips to ESPN, Lake Compounce and other local attractions.

For the record we wish to acknowledge the assistance of James Griffin (West Point graduate) for securing the use of bedding from West Point for use at the tournament site in Bristol. Again our apologies if we missed someone but Ben Perron, Bob Badal, Brian Farrell, Hank Lodge, Dwayne & Phillip Perron, Dave Potz, John Duquette, Bob Watson, Jeff Badal, Doug Bokoske, Tim and Scott Lodge and the Farrell boys, were instrumental in getting this done..