Federal Approval Given

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Federal Approval Given To Construction Of Proposed Forestville Boys’ Club – Assures Availability of Materials When Project Is Started

The proposed Forestville Boys’ Club is one of 33 New England construction projects which have been approved within the past two weeks by the National Production Authority. It was announced today by Paul G, Carney, regional director of the NPA and the Department of Commerce.

NPA approval of projects like the one planned for proposal has been necessary sine the governor began to preserve materials  needed for the defense program. The NPA Approval certificate lists  the construction cost of the Forestville building at $198,168.

Walter R. Sonstroem, campaign chairman of the Boys’ Club drive said that the cost as listed by the government agency covers only the building itself. The drive goal has been set at $225,000 so that the grounds outside the building can be improved and so that club equipment can be purchased.

He said that the announcement of federal approval of the project should eliminate doubt that the Boys’ Club building could be erected at this time. The approval, Mr. Sonstroem explained means that necessary materials will be available when construction is begun.

Mr. Sonstroem also announced additional gifts to the campaign in the Forestville House-to-House canvas as reported by Team Captain Carl D. Munson as follows.

Mr. and Mrs. Herbert A. Becker $25, Ernest F. Fiske $20,  Ed Wentland $10, Ernest Thayer $12, Ward Gould $5, Raymond Beaucer $12, Lewis Rusgrove $25, Louis Metzer $1, Frank Towle $15, John Ciquera $15, Paul Komanetsky $20, Loren G. St, Onge $10, Eldred LeVasseur $10, Mr. and Mrs. James B. Marro $25, Carl S. Nelson $20,

Stanley Kuchardski $5, John H Gienty $5, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur L. Becker $10, Helen J. Wells $20, Leland D. Cobb $17,32, Morris Bellatuone $1, Albert J. Homan $40, Mr. and Mrs. James M. Moran $10, Edgar Fisher $10, George Rand $20, William Reilley $20, Mrs. Sadie Akore and LeFetest Alcorn $20, Daniel Killian $20, Mr. and Mrs, Eugene Gibson $2, Robert Gibson $3, Mrs. Ida H. Moore $30, Miss Rube A. Hart $5, Mrs. Helen S. Hogan $10, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Percival $10.