2018 Renovation of Fieldhouse (a.k.a. the Shack)

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The above article published in the May 11, 2018 Bristol Observer speaks to a lot of hard work and dedicated efforts on behalf of the Forestville Board of Directors led by its current president Scott Lodge.

Project Manager Steve Joslyn, a board member, made this project a huge success. If he was not at home with his family he was at the field house making things happen.

With no renovations being done to the shack since 1986, Hank Lodge and Bob Montgomery set about to raise the necessary funding for this project.

It is with great thanks and appreciation we acknowledge the following  persons who donated the funds for this project. Some wished to remain anonymous but the others allowed us to display their names on the following plaques which are located on the North side of the field house.

Here are some of the before and after pictures of the renovations: